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Harness the Power of Connection for Success

"Building Connections Is My Superpower"


I'm on a Mission!

My mission is to apply my superpowers to organisations of all shapes and sizes.
I'm a creative, yet strategic thinker with a mind for numbers, I see through the noise and build programs to deliver to individual business objectives.
Guided by values of connection, passion and authenticity, I’ve seen some outstanding outcomes, incredible growth and along the way built long-lasting relationships.
If you are as fascinated in unlocking opportunity as I am and keen to see you or your businesses full potential, then I would love to connect with you.


"Mel is an enthusiastic and polished strategic partnerships leader whom I've had the pleasure to work with over the last year. Via our Intuit QuickBooks & Business Australia partnership, Mel has been instrumental in leading the development of business & communication plans, aligning on both businesses goals and following through to execution and measurement. She is delightful to work with and always on the front foot with new ideas & concepts to test. She is a true partnerships leader and a team player"

Adriana Jennings - Intuit QuickBooks

Let's connect!

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Melissa Williams


Phone: 0417 577 020

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